We must STOP THIS REZONING to put an end to over-development, overcrowding with high-density housing and additional retail that strips our Village of its charms replacing it with traffic.

Dear Neighbor,

You can count on me to take a stand to safeguard and prevent the removal of land from the Equestrian Preserve to keep Wellington’s unique charm and character!

This move won’t enhance the Equestrian Facilities and Industry as promised; instead, it will lead to more traffic congestion with high-density housing and additional retail. Moving forward to allow this parcel to be rezoned sets a bad precedent and risks the displacement of equestrians.

I am as frustrated as the many in the equestrian community and the hundreds of Wellington residents who have passionately presented their concerns, providing data and reasoning, yet continue to be ignored.

Our current council insists on putting this new development over existing needs in our Village. Our roads need to be improved, and this project only brings more traffic stress and headaches that affect our daily routines, school drop-offs, and soccer practices.

It’s not right that our elected officials are ignoring this groundswell of opposition, including 8,000+ online petitions and over 2,000 petitions for a recall.

I stand with the impressive efforts of the thousands of residents and grassroots leaders in opposition to removing the land from the Equestrian Preserve.

You can always count on me to listen to residents. I will be attentive and committed to representing your voice on the council.


Amanda Silvestri
For Village of Wellington Council, Seat 1